Delivery Release Debut Album “Forever Giving Handshakes”

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Broadening and defying the sounds of their first two 7” releases, Delivery continue their claim for the title of the hardest and fastest working band in town on their debut full-length, Forever Giving Handshakes. Collecting songs written over the Melbourne five-piece’s two-year lifespan and following on from the band’s bedroom project origins of Yes We Do and the expanded one-two punch of Personal Effects / The Topic, Forever Giving Handshakes captures Delivery at full force for the first time, leaning into the now fully enhanced live sound they’ve been quite actively working towards since their first show in March 2021. The band collates a twelve track garage punk opus, their five distinct voices simultaneously pulling songs in different directions while undeniable chemistry reveals a combined hive mind ascending on a clear group mission. 


“It was almost as though we were trying to figure out what we should sound like when it came to writing this album. By the time we recorded though, the band was a well-oiled machine though, so I think we really prioritised having everyone’s individual style come through, which probably does make it different because there are so many bits and pieces going on. When we started recording, we quickly realised it was going to be an undeniable rock album, so we sorta leaned into it.” 

The album cycles through many distinct genre moments, however, it all comes back to being a rock album. There was a sense of urgency to the recording, with the bulk of the work completed live in their Brunswick rehearsal space. Forever Giving Handshakes is a great example of a band hitting their stride, expanding to four lead vocalists while demonstrating the perfect interplay between three guitars and a rhythm section at its most propulsive. Still spearheaded by James Lynch and Rebecca Allan, the band’s engine room now fully incorporates Lisa Rashleigh, Sam Harding, and Daniel Devlin to create music that blurs punk freneticism with pop eccentricities. 


Marking the beginning of a victory lap for Delivery, the album rounds out a sprint of unrelenting live shows, impressive support slots and two stellar 7”s, all within a tidy 18 months. Forever Giving Handshakes is a statement from Delivery, not only have they been one of the fastest working bands of the last two years, but they’ve also made one of the strongest local debut albums of the past decade. Forever Giving Handshakes is out on UK release through Spoilsport Records, Anti Fade Records and Feel It Records.