Demons Release ‘Uglier Americans’ In Aid Of RAICES

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Demons was started by longtime Mae guitarist Zach Gehring, the Virginia-based band’s latest EP “Made In The USA” was released last fall via Spartan RecordsDemons have now debuted a timely new charity single titled “Uglier Americans” with all proceeds going to RAICES, The Refugee and Immigrant Centre for Education and Legal Services.

Uglier Americans” can be streamed and purchased here

You can read a quote from from frontman Zach Gehring below

The separation of families at the border, and the policies that underscore recent activities targeting families from Mexico, Central, and South America, and US citizens are completely backwards and unquestionably cruel. Immigration policies and the inhumane treatment of people of all ages demands a response – any action that can help thwart or slow down what is happening. This song is was motivated by an attempt to critique the gap between immediacy and reflection – the immediacy and urgency for those threatened by these policies versus the reflective and abstract media commentary and discourse that privileged people (like us) engage in and respond to earnestly. There is no shortage of obstacles and cynicism that can undermine good intentions, but anything we can do – even the smallest act – is a positive step forward. We chose RAICES because of its focus on education, the affordable legal assistance provided to those impacted by illegal and unjust raids, and opportunities for involvement from those interested in helping. Awareness is important, but the legal needs of those in targeted areas are urgent and we wanted to focus our efforts there.