Exclusive: According To Jack Share Track By Track Breakdown Of Debut EP “Reason To Exist”

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Padova, Italy’s According To Jack has today unveiled his debut EP, Reason to Exist. The acoustic project of Giacomo Rampazzo deploys a heartfelt and infectious brand of melodic punk, with elements of both throwback and contemporary iterations of the genre. In an age of genre-fluidity and artists taking influence from a dexterous array of musical backgrounds, According To Jack‘s minimalist approach makes for a refreshing listen. Rampazzo was raised on the formative sparks of skate punk coming out of California before the turn of the millennium, and it’s clear to see in his intimate, infectious and heartfelt delivery. The Reason to Exist EP is a cathartic and hooky expression of the genre, awash with melody and introspection with songwriting that is both grounded and moving, as the five songs take listeners through themes of insecurity, loss and nostalgia. Giacomo Rampazzo has given The Punk Site an exclusive track by track insight into themes and inspiration behind the Reason To Exist EP.

According To Jack

Reason To Exist

“Reason To Exist is about insecurity about the future, the inability to navigate life, and nostalgia for a past devoid of anxiety and responsibility. The theme is treated with a light and playful atmosphere, while still retaining a melancholic twist. The style is simple, minimal and energetic with guitar, drums and bass accompanying the vocal melodies.”

The Best I’ve Never Had

“The Best I’ve Never Had is about the constant feeling of inadequacy, how a person always tries to do his or her best but it all leads to no results or gratification. The mood is chill, melancholic and emotional; vocal melodies are accompanied by the sound of acoustic guitar in an intimate and minimal way.”

A Bunch Of Stupid Songs

“A Bunch Of Stupid Songs contains a series of images concerning a hypothetical show from the point of view of the musician who, once the concert is over, realizes how ephemeral and useless but at the same time magical his work is. The style is very minimal, voice, acoustic guitar and strings; the mood is sad, but also warm and very emotional.”

Carry The Burden

“Carry The Burden is about the loss of a loved one and the grieving process, after which we are inevitably forced to move on, although with a burden to carry. The mood is calm and relaxed with a nostalgic streak; the vocal lines rest on a guitar base, embellished by strings in the finale.”

Three Cheers For The Good Times

“Three Cheers For The Good Times is an ode to the good days spent in good company, where problems seem to disappear over a good beer. The style is energetic and reminiscent of country/rock’n’roll nuances.”


The Reason To Exist EP is out today and According To Jack will be appearing alongside Neck Deep and Descendents at Italy’s Bayfest on the 15th June.