Flatspot Records Unleash “The Extermination Vol. 4” Compilation

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Today Flatspot Records releases The Extermination Vol. 4, a compilation featuring exclusive tracks from artists on their roster and some of their favorite rising bands in the hardcore scene. Started in 2012, The Extermination series has previously featured early tracks from notable artists such as Turnstile, Terror, Power Trip, Cruel Hand, and King Nine across its first three volumes. On the newest iteration, the label highlights bands from across the globe showcasing a wide range of hardcore stylings, from metallic to punk-leaning. Flatspot Records is also hosting a sold-out showcase, Flatspot World, that will be taking place in Brooklyn, NY on April 8th featuring Speed, Scowl, King Nine, Regulate, End It, Section H8, Raw Brigade, Hangman, Buggin and Jivebomb.

Things kick off with Australian hardcore band Speed‘s thumping track, One Blood We Bleed, before diving into The Chisel’s frenzied Brit-punk with Punisher. Chicago’s Buggin give off a positive-bounce with Attitude and Colombian band Raw Brigade provide the only cover on the album with their take on Crux’s Keep On Running. With Flatspot‘s origins starting in Baltimore, the city is well represented boasting lively cuts from End It and Jivebomb. Los Angeles shines with hard-hitting tracks from Section H8 and Law of Power, while Bay Area band Spy contribute a more experimental offering. Richmond, VA’s metallic leaning Mutually Assured Destruction supplies the longest and most guitar heavy song on the comp, and Pennsylvania’s Choice To Make end things with a classic hardcore approach.

“This compilation was started to provide a snapshot of the current state of hardcore. Every song is exclusive to the series, and we love to see bands take pride in giving us some of their best songs for this compilation. With Volume 4, we present the next wave of hardcore from our perspective. For this volume, every single band gave 110% raw power and pure energy. This is a true representation of hardcore in its purest form.” (label owners Che Figueroa and Ricky Singh)