Get The Fuck Outta Dodge Reveal “Mammoth” Live Album

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge slinked into Mammoth Recording Ltd, a studio upstairs of a “proper Sheffield” type affair in the legendary red light district where a chap called Nic shoved some mics around them and recorded them totally live. Expect songs being played way to fast, Ren Dodge not being able to breathe, forgotten words and the occasional fuck up but what the hell, that’s what makes people endure on a regular basis, so why should this be any different? Mammoth is now available via Bandcamp only, the album also marks the bands first release for Socks On Records.

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge Mammoth

Mammoth’s mammoth 17 tracks (yeh we just did that) span all Get The Fuck Outta Dodge’s releases to date except for those stupid covers albums, because who has the time for that? Is anyone even bothered about live recordings? Do we even care if they don’t? Well no, so we’re just going to do it anyway.