Giants Chair Release ‘The Streets / Featureless Horizon’ EP

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Spartan Records have released “The Streets / Featureless Horizon“, a brand new two song EP from influential emo greats Giants ChairThe two tracks ‘The Streets‘ and ‘Featureless Horizon‘ were originally recorded in 2017, a few years before their 2019 LP “Prefabylon” was released. Vocalist Scott Hobart says, “The Streets and Featureless Horizon, were the first two songs we wrote after our previous 23-year self-quarantine. Recorded a couple of years before the Prefabylon sessions, some of you may recall that they were briefly available via digital streaming-only, as teasers toward the eventual full-length. We even made videos for them! Both tunes were almost included on Prefabylon but we decided to save them for a more special occasion… like today for our bass player Byron’s 50th Birthday! Geez, that’s old!”. The EP can now be streamed here, purchased on limited edition cassette here and you can view ‘The Streets‘ video below