Gogol Bordello Share “Fire On Ice Floe” Video

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Following a secret show in occupied territory in Ukraine, and a raucous and exuberant set a Chicago’s Riot Fest last weekend, Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello have revealed the video for their new single, Fire On Ice Floe, which is out now on all good digital platforms. In a performance characterised by the Chicago Sun-Times as “bonkers”, the seven-piece multicultural band led the audience into a breakneck hardcore set with selections from their critically acclaimed new album, Solidaritine, and their full eight album catalogue, including a frenetic cover of Agnostic Front‘s Victim In Pain and were also accompanied onstage by the Hromovytsia Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Chicago.

“This time at Riot Fest was particularly potent because we are connected with the organisers and the dancers not only through Ukrainian origins but also through punk rock. To join forces with organisers of Riot Fest and Hromovitzya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble was meaningful and symbolic in many ways which gives us chance to deliver Ukrainian story authentically with huge reach.”