Honeytalks Release “There’s Hope In Hopeless” EP

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Despite less than two years in existence, Welsh wunderkinds Honeytalks combine the best of the Drive Thru Records era with a punchy and contemporary pop-punk grit. With energetic guitars and throwback emo vibes, Honeytalks brandish whip-smart lyricism and hooks aplenty with a raw, punk rock rhythm that powers a sound that is equal parts urgent and melodic. With the release of their debut EP, Over It, last year, Honeytalks delivered a highly-promising rookie collection that would set the band in motion for a successful UK tour.

The band have today released their sophomore EP, There’s Hope In Hopeless, that embodies struggle, positivity and triumph for those who feel marginalized and misunderstood. Mental health is at the thematic core of their new collection, but the overarching message is one of strength and hope, inspired by Honeytalks‘ uplifting brand of melodic punk.