I Cried Wolf Plan New EP

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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I Cried WolfOxfordshire post-hardcore quintet I Cried Wolf has announced plans for a brand new EP.  The release will be titled Hollow Heart and is due out September 11, 2015 via Crooked Noise Records.  Tom Newman of Crooked Noise Records expresses his

I am really proud to be releasing this record. I think this band are really under the radar at the moment, but this time in 12, 18 months, they’ll be at the forefront of the alternative music scene in the UK. The record takes an eclectic mix of influences all the way from Every Time I Die to The Dillinger Escape Plan. I have no doubt that ‘Hollow Heart’ is going to be a launching pad for I Cried Wolf.

Track listing is below.  Pre-Orders go live 03/08/15.

1. Scratching My Head With Ink
2. Masokiss Me
3. It Takes A Slave
4. Kensopia
5. Sharkfeet