Indiegogo Project Launched For ‘GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl’

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GRRRLAs of yet, there has not been a comprehensive film on the riot grrrl movement, over the past 25 years riot grrrl has cultivated a vibrant culture that has created music, film, zines, and a political stir, director Vega Darling‘s GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl is a story about riot grrrl, told by riot grrrls. The Indiegogo campaign for the film features rewards including a multimedia zine, video, and music compilation with tracks from Frightwig, Hand Off Gretel, Husbands N Knives, The Potential Lunatics, Louise Distras and many more. So far, interviews recorded for the film include Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Jack Off Jill, Louise Distras, Red Aunts and The Lunachicks amongst the comprehensive list of bands and contributors who have been interviewed for this project, with dozens more planned .

GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl is a platform to tell the story of riot grrrl in their own words. The film began pre production research in 2007 and has been in production since 2012. The feature length documentary is expected to be released in early 2017.

You can visit the Indiegogo page and contribute to the making of GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl here

The official website for GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl is here

You can view the video Fund The Film GRRRL: 25 Years Of Riot Grrrl! below