Infamous Stiffs Reveal ‘Freak Parade’ Single & All Star Video

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It’s the summer of 2020 at the peak of the global pandemic California is on lockdown, what do you do if you’re the Infamous Stiffs and have just finished recording your album? Make a video with all of your favorite friends…socially distanced and safely, of course. Shot in LA, ‘Freak Parade‘ is a tribute to all of us who for better or worse have to do life our own way, the video features members of TSOLThe OffspringThe GearsSocial DistortionAdolescentsRancidBad Religion SugarcultDecryNarcoleptic YouthBulimia BanquetGuttermouthPigmy Love Circus D Generation.

‘Freak Parade‘ is now available through digital platforms here

You can check out the ‘Freak Parade‘ video below