Kafadan Kontak Records Reveal ‘Gravest Tribute To The Cramps’

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Istanbul’s Kafadan Kontak Records have released ‘Gravest Tribute To The Cramps‘ that pays homage to the much missed band, the compilation features 24 tracks from artists across the globe including Das Clamps, Faroutski, Terror Manija, Chamanes, The Gorgons, Duende!, Otarie, Spun Suns, The Sleepyheads, Bone Zeno, Toni Estilette, Charm Bag, Bang Bang Babies, Morons Morons, Otarie, Türbot, Sorry For All, Vaiwatt, Los Crveles, Shawnis And The Shimmers, Doms, The Really Really Ghost, No Valentine, Messua & TimeLess, Panteras Negras. ‘Gravest Tribute To The Cramps‘ is now available as a name your price download via Kafadan Kontak Records‘ Bandcamp.

Gravest Tribute To The Cramps‘ can be streamed and downloaded here