Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the first volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 features Mobina Galore, Drones, Natterers, Antillectual, Forever Unclean, Captain Hotknives, Incisions, Egos At The Door, Fresh, All Aboard, Darko, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Foxes Faux, The Lab Rats, Aerial Salad, Regret and Svetlanas, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 as a name your price download here