New Photos: Flatliners, Living With Lions, Nuns of Brixton

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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Living With LionsToday we have a big update to our ever growing live picture gallery with four new sets of pictures.

First up is some photos taken by Calgary’s Chris Wedman of The Flatliners and Living With Lions live at the Distillery on April fool’s day. You can check those out here and here respectively. Dwayne Larson also caught Living With Lions four days later when they played in Winnipeg, you can check those pictures out here.

Finally, we have a set of photos from The Nuns of Brixton. Photographer Mike Fajardo explained:

These guys are a Clash cover band that dress up in habits in honor of the song “The Nuns (Guns) of Brixton”.  The show is good fun and they do The Clash songs justice.  Definitely the best cover band I ever seen live.  Although, I’ve never seen the Gimme Gimmes or Mini-Kiss live, so I might be a bit deprived.

Check out the pictures here.