No Fun At All Detail New Album, New Single

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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No Fun At AllLegendary Swedish punk rockers No Fun At All have announced plans for a new album later this year. The album, dubbed Seventh Wave, will be released later this year on SBAM Records. It will be their first album since 2018’s Grit.

Today, the band has unveiled the first single from the album: It’s Not A Problem. It can be heard below.

Singer Ingemar Jansson described the meaning behind the song saying: “I live on an old farm that’s been owned by my family since the 1850s. 20 years ago when my father died I decided to move in and to be the one responsible for keeping all the houses and buildings in good shape. To be honest most of the time I love it, but sometimes there is that “The Shining” feeling, am I going crazy!!?? Also the contrast between spending time in the rural idyllic Swedish countryside and touring the world, being a cosmopolitan. The lyrics for this one just came to me on a really cold and snowy day last winter, hence “wrong season“.

No Fun At All originally formed in 1991 and have broken up and re-united several times since. Seventh Wave will be their seventh studio album.