Noah & The Loners Release Cathartic Single “Hell Of A Day”

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Hot on the heels of the punk anthem Protest Anger, Noah And The Loners have released the riotous new track, Hell Of A Daythat is out now via Marshall Records. The band’s latest single was produced by acclaimed UK producer Neil Kennedy and is a throat shredding battle cry for the perpetually frustrated, unlucky and occasionally cursed. When everything in the world is against you and nothing seems to be going your way, for some clandestine reason or another, and you must pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

“The track is based on an actual day in my life where everything that could go wrong, did. I got completely soaked watching my football team lose, and then a giant electrical storm wiped out the train line, so I couldn’t get home to Brighton for a night out with my close friends… It’s the kind of day that could have sunk me but music is my therapy and my way of dealing with everyday stress… so I turned the events into lyrics there and then. It’s rare that lyrics come to me fully formed like that, but every word was written that night. We finally got inspired by a piece that our drummer, Noah Riley, wrote for a Uni project and built Hell of a Day as we know it from there.” ( Frontman Noah Lonergan)