Other Half Release New Single “Jollies With The Boys”

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Norwich-based post-hardcore trio Other Half have revealed their new single, Jollies With The Boys. The track is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming second full length, Soft Action, that will be released on the 2nd December via Big Scary Monsters Records. The album will see Other Half distilling the sneering punk and sardonic storytelling that characterised their first album, Soft Action amplifies the most melodic and dissonant parts of their sound. The discordant squall of Sonic Youth, the ragged hooks of Pixies and the searing intensity of bands like Converge, all underpinned with the wiry vocal interplay of singers Cal and Soapy. The trio have also announced December support slots with Ducking Punches and Johnny Foreigner, as well as appearances at Lenmania III and the 2023 Manchester Punk Festival.

Other Half

“This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album that properly clicked. It’s heavy and angular and proved a sturdy vehicle to inspect some really unpleasant stuff lyrically. It’s a call to arms with no cause, an arbitrary bit of bile about punching down because it’s the easiest option. I’m always interested in what motivates people to do horrible things and I figure a lot of the time it’s just the only road open to them; the anger is white-hot but misdirected. I guess this is just my way of saying I wish I had the same energy to fight against all the awful stuff going on in the world but instead just sit on my arse and write songs about the idea of being angry. Lazy, apathetic millennial.” (vocalist Cal)