Other Half Reveal “Like A Dog / Slab Thick” Video & Announce New Album “Soft Action”

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The Norwich based post hardcore outfit Other Half have revealed the brand new video for their latest AA side single, Like A Dog / Slab Thick, that is out now via their new home, Big Scary Monsters Records. Never ones to be afraid of showing off the dual aspects of their “nasty music for nice people”, the video sees the three-piece rip through a raucous live performance before showing their softer side for the second half as they snuggle up to their mates’ pets.

“BSM wanted a high-concept, high-production pop video to help shift some serious units so we wrangled the few dogs we know and the one cat we own to produce three and a half minutes of visual magic. We like doing everything ourselves; for DIY punk kudos and because we’re tight and awkward, so it was fun figuring out how to make it look like we’re all playing in a room together even when one of us was filming the whole time. For the second part of the video we had next to nothing and were filming some pretty shudder-inducing stuff in the local park when our friend’s Roya and Charlie walked past with their dogs; Daisy and Lily. Never one to miss a free opportunity for content, we scooped those dogs up, spun around a bit and sung at the camera. Rinse, repeat and the rest is history. Thanks to all the nice animals that starred alongside us.”

Other Half

Other Half will release their forthcoming second album, Soft Action, on the 2nd December. The album finds the band distilling the sneering punk and sardonic storytelling that characterised their first album and amplifying the most melodic and dissonant parts of their sound. Other Half are also preparing for a busy twelve months of touring over the coming year with the trio hitting the road on a run of UK co-headline tour dates with Modern Rituals next month.