Playground Circus Release New Single “Tidal Wave”

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Playground Circus are a London based rock duo consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist John and lead guitarist El. Starting out from the cultural fertile grounds of crisis-ridden Greece in 2014 they stood out from the local punk rock scene from the very first months of the band’s existence. Opening for bands like House of Pain, Marky Ramone, Everlast and Bad Cop/Bad Cop, they immediately caught the attention of the Los Angeles music scene where they got invited to play at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on a 5-week residency together with the Barb Wire Dolls. 2022 found Playground Circus refreshed, with a brand new, innovative sound ready to unleash their artistic fury and take over the stages around the world. The band’s latest single Tidal Wave is three and a half minutes of searing, emotional pop-punk that effortlessly brings to mind bands like Angels and Airwaves or Good Charlotte.

“Some songs take months or even years to complete. With “Tidal Wave” This wasn’t the case. This song is probably the quickest song we ever wrote. From start to end everything worked perfectly. John wrote most of it in an afternoon. The same day I (El) added some lead parts and the next day finished synth arrangements and the day after that John mixed the whole thing. Simple as that! When inspiration strikes, magic can happen.”

You can stream Tidal Wave here