Random Hand Celebrate 20th Anniversary By Hitting The Charts

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Twenty years in, and top of their game, West Yorkshire, Keighley-bred ska punk icons Random Hand have gone from strength to strength in 2023 as they celebrate their 20th year as a band with a new, chart-topping self-titled album. Released at the end of September by Bomber Music as the band headlined their biggest sold-out London show to date for their own Handfest at The Dome in North London, the critically acclaimed album hit number #5 in the rock charts, #25 in the indie chart and #58 in the main physical release charts. 

“Getting in the charts isn’t obviously something a DIY Ska Punk expects to achieve. So, when I broached it with our label, the unexpected challenge was taken up with excitement and determination. After months of hard work from all involved, we managed it! After a really strong sales week in the charts, it looked for a moment that the goal was out of reach. But getting the whole scene backing the campaign in the last 36 hours was something we could not have seen coming, and it humbled us beyond words. It’s hard to believe we’re 20 years in, when it feels like we’re just getting started in so many ways. The scene feels so positive and growing in a way we had always hoped it would, back when we were starting. As long as people want us, we’ll be striving to help elevate and promote the music and people we love.” (bassist Joe Tilston)

20 years ago, as the seemingly unstoppable third wave of ska punk came crashing down on the world of popular music, only to leave a misunderstood scene in its wake, Random Hand worked tirelessly on keeping the spirit of the bands that inspired them alive and kicking. Having taken a brief pause from touring to pursue solo projects after the release of 2015’s Hit Reset album, the band have returned with aplomb. The Punk Site concurred and you can read our review of their self titled album here