Rebellion Festival Confirms Additions For The Introducing Stage

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Rebellion 18 RISThe Rebellion Festival has announced the first wave of bands to appear on the Introducing Stage, the festival has been seeking out new talent and bands from around the world that are new to Rebellion. The stage is now cemented as a favourite feature of the Rebellion Festival as it’s always great to still be exposed to new things rather than just rely on what’s in our record collections, as in previous years there will be over forty new bands to discover this year. The full line up for the 2018 Rebellion Festival can be viewed here and tickets can be purchased here
The latest additions to the Introducing Stage can be viewed below

Rebellion Festival Introducing Stage
The Empty Bottles (Belgium)
Vibrate Two Fingers (Japan)
The Babes (Columbia)
Sindicato Oi (Brazil)
Suckerpunch (UK)
The Crash Landings (UK)
The Riders of the Night (UK)
The Murderburgers (UK)
Fat Albert (UK)
IDestroy (UK)
Kid Klumsy (UK)
Pretty Addicted (UK)
Diablofurs (UK)
Weekend Recovery (UK)
Infirmities (USA)
Cat and the Underdogs (Sweden)
Zero Zero (Sweden)
Knife 49 (Italy)
The Menstrual Cramps (UK)
Pardon Us (UK)
Bandits (UK)
Black Market Beat (UK)
Subalternos (Brazil)
Dead 77 (USA)
Tripwire DC (UK) 
Migrana Social (Mexico)
Zombie Met Girl (UK)
Dischord (UK)
Dream Nails (UK)
Blind Man Death Stare (Australia)
The Liarbilitys (UK)
Vulpynes (Ireland)
The Baby Seals (UK)
Violets (Catalonia)
Kiss Me, Killer (UK)
Screaming Bloody Marys (USA)
The Raging Nathans (USA)
Call Me Malcolm (UK)
The Mistakes (UK)