School Drugs Complete “Funeral Arrangements” With “Disposition” EP

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Disposition stands as the final installment of the School Drugs four-part full length venture, Funeral Arrangements. Opening the 7” record, With Sympathy admonishes the callousness of those involved in an industry of death. Following close behind, Feel Like Shit is derived from a real-life conversation vocalist Josh Jurk had in therapy. The final track, Funeral Arrangements, reads something like a hardcore ode to NOFX’s The Decline, an over 5-minute journey through various movements, tempos and emotions. Disposition is now available on vinyl via Indecision Records (US) & CoreTex Records (EU) and comes with a School Drugs armband and a download of the EP. School Drugs will also be hitting the road in the EU this Summer, with the tour culminating at Belgium’s Brakrock festival.

School Drugs

“I called a local funeral home to ask if the term “disposition” was commonly used in the industryThe director was a little surprised by the question. He said “yes” with some reservation. When I asked him why, he noted that it’s more of an insider term and derives its meaning from disposal, and the bereaved most likely wouldn’t be thrilled by the insinuation.” (Josh Jurk)