“Sounds Of The Underground” Alternative Music TV Series Returns Next Month

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Alternative music TV series Sounds of the Underground is set to return on October 6th with exclusive performances and interviews with the likes of State Champs, Concrete Castles, Have Mercy and series host The Wildfires Projekt. Sounds of the Underground is the first and only alternative music TV series focused on exposing up-and-coming talent alongside major artists in the genre. Developed by The Wildfires Projekt, and airing on select CBS stations nationally, Sounds of the Underground is once again bringing exclusive content to a starving audience. Presented by idobi, the first new episode premieres Oct. 6th at 5pm on YouTube, followed by airings on CBS in Boston, Dallas, Miami, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

“Being an independent production, it’s very exciting to have survived the past two years and be coming back with our best episodes yet!” (The Wildfires Projekt)