South Africa’s The Man Motels Release “Intimate Enemy” EP

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The Man Motels pride themselves in taking a very independent approach when creating music. The purpose backing their enthusiasm is to try and bring back the independence of musicians in the South African music scene. The band achieves this by involving family, friends and fans in the process, something that intensifies the personal connection to the music, and truly brings it home for everyone involved. The band have today released their new EP, Intimate Enemy, via Mongrel Records and have also teamed up with The Kennel Brewery to create and release their very own IPA. The EP and IPA launch party is going down today at Vredekloof’s very own dive bar, Skål Bar & Eatery.

The name Intimate Enemy comes from a book vocalist Garrith is currently reading called, The Fear of Intimacy by Joyce Catlett and Robert W. Firestone.  “Fear of intimacy is essentially a form of relationship anxiety about having an extremely close physical or emotional connection which stems from traumatic experiences, experienced in earlier life.  The common thread through the EP would be trying to find closure through shedding light on the dark.” He explains.