The Authorities Return With ‘Talk To Me / Just An Excuse’ Single

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The Authorities have released a brand new two track EP, that features the tracks ‘Talk To Me‘ and ‘Just An Excuse‘, that is now available via Die Laughing Records. The EP is their first new material with their new line up and its as gloriously old school punk as you can get. Ever meet someone and experience that intense, electrical attraction? Of course you have, that’s where ‘Talk To Me’ is coming from. Any punk who’s ever walked down the street knows exactly what ‘Just an Excuse‘ is about: getting hassled by cops; “The song hails from the early days of young punk rockers walking the mean streets of Stockton, California, just minding our own business, and having cops snatching you up and threatening to arrest you. ‘Just an Excuse’ could be the soundtrack for police brutality”.

You can stream and purchase ‘Talk To Me’  here and ‘Just An Excuse’ here