The Blue Carpet Band Protest “The Slow Death Of Camden” On New Single

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The Blue Carpet Band come on like Little Richard fronting The Stooges. It’s The Cramps playing with Knives. It’s frenzied, it’s electrifying, it’s primordial punk. This is the type of savage rock’n’roll you need in your life. Formed in London in 2015, The Blue Carpet Band released their first album, Rock ’N Roll Carpet, on Flicknife Records in 2018. A favourite at almost every UK festival, they have been playing relentlessly up and down the country ever since, alongside multiple outings to mainland Europe. The band signed to Bomber Music and released the first new single, Back In The Trash / Ain’t Got No Damn Rock’n’Roll, in 2019.

A quick line-up change followed and now the band have a new drummer and guitarist, Ant Thomas and Stan Standen from Welsh psychobilly legends Demented Are Go!, With this vibrant new line-up, the band returned to the studio to record a new album and now a new single and pulsing rock’n’roll lament, The Slow Death Of Camden, which follows the Halloween release of their previous single B-Movie Boogie. Working and socialising in Camden Town, Blue Carpet Band frontman Djamel watched the wonderful entertainment and alternative hub of London gradually become a sterile, pretend version of itself.  Christmas trees erected in October, major brands taking over and the loss of iconic venues and drinking places have erased the edginess and excitement. The rock’n’roll bandits are all gone. 

“Stan’s guitar riff for this really drove me to sing something different on this song. It feels like a big step forward for us musically, we’re finally starting to find the sound we’ve been chasing. Lyrically the song is a lament, where have the rock’n’roll bandits all gone? What has Camden Town become? The death of Camden reflects the death of London as the alternative capital of the world.” (Djamel Abina)

You can stream The Death Of Camden here and pre-order the vinyl via Bomber Music