The Carolyn Pit “Snake Vs Rat” On New Single & Video

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Initially formed as a solo project by singer/songwriter Andrew Patrick in summer 2016, The Carolyn have transformed into an emerging indie-punk trio welding honest lyricism, thoughtful hooks and a gritty directness that’s assuaged by the hook-led choruses and accessible delivery. Nodding to the ’10’s indie-punk front runners, with splashes of alternative rock and glistening with melody, the Georgia trio unveiled their debut full length. This Will Begin To Make Things Right, in December 2019 via 59 X Records.

With summer’s Twelve Gauge, they continued to make up for their lack of words, with a sound awash with the passion and angst facing 20-somethings in small-town suburban America. Wrapping 2021 in style, The Carolyn. have now released their brand new single and video, Snake vs. Rat, that is now available via digital platforms including Spotify