The Gulps Get “Stuck In The City” On New Single

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The Gulps, the freshest signing to Alan McGee‘s It’s Creation Baby label, have released their latest single, Stuck In The City. A visceral punk/rock track for our times, Stuck In The City is a song about the slow death of a society which crumbles before our very eyes. Railing against the powers-that-be while swinging at the docile public sleepwalking into its demise; through five-minutes of sound and fury The Gulps deliver a wake-up call designed to shake society from its slumber.

These days we’re living I feel society is falling on a deep clean sweep without getting us in torture labs. Our today’s torture labs are advertisement, consuming, social media… Becoming a sleepy society, advocated to consume drugs, to get likes, to buy online, everyday we see how mental health becomes a bigger issue in our daily lives. Society is controlled and directed through consuming messages. The idea of your life and the continuous bombarding with advertisement, that sells you empty stimulus of happiness. That’s how we create our own shock or tramp these days. When that disappears the loneliness comes and we become a vulnerable clean sweep society. That’s Stuck in the City, it shows how a person feels in such an aggressive economic and inequality system.” (frontman Harry All)

You can get Stuck In The City here