The Knitts To Release Debut Album ‘Retreat’

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Knitts RetreatIn a gritty industrial area of Van Nuys, California, behind a powder-coating plant, lie a dozen neatly stacked repurposed shipping containers. One of these is home to The Knitts, a band with a surprisingly long history and a short fuse, ready to explode onto the music scene with the release of their upcoming debut full-length album Retreat. The Knitts are not on the grid, don’t play to click tracks, don’t know how to work a sampler or program a drum machine, they don’t growl or scream, they sing, they’re not choreographed, they move. They don’t pose, they just smile and laugh. Retreat will be available on digital and streaming formats March 3rd via Knitting Factory Records. 

You can stream the track Sonny from their debut album courtesy of Glide Magazine here