The Sonder Bombs Release New Single “The Star”

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Cleveland’s The Sonder Bombs have self-released their brand new single, The Star, that drops on September 29th. The song was mixed by the Sarah Tudzin (Illumnati Hotties) and the track itself is reminiscent of the world that Sarah resides in. Glowing powerful vocals fill the landscape of this tune while the churning drums keep you grooving along. The Sonder Bombs last full length, Clothbound, was released via Take This To Heart Records in the US, Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe and Dew Process Records down under. The Sonder Bombs will be playing two release shows and hitting the road with Hunny in November with a tour alongside Queen Of Jeans to follow.

The Sonder Bombs The Star

“I wrote this song almost in a panic. It sprang from me. The past year, I’ve been struggling pretty severely with my mental health and so it came from being completely submerged in that pain for long periods at a time. I was getting to a point where I wasn’t sure I wanted to be here or if it would ever get better. In the past, I’ve used music and art to move through these moments. More recently my relationship with music has been pretty complicated. On one hand, its an incredibly beautiful and rewarding and comforting way to process my emotions. I get to travel with my friends and play shows. I have community. It is a gift. On the other hand, I have severe mental illness working against me & there’s so much self doubt that goes into everything I make. After our second record, I felt like such an abject failure & I definitely didn’t feel like I deserved to pursue the dream anymore. Like I had wasted my opportunity & potential. For me, “The Star” represents a guiding sense of hope that pulled me out of the darkest and deepest parts of myself. It took making this song to realize that for me, the guiding force is music” (Willow Hawkes)