A Static Lullaby – Faso Latido

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A Static Lullaby

Faso Latido - Columbia Records

Some people say that to truly appreciate a band you have to watch them live. Before that time, you know nothing about them. And although I can’t be sure if that’s always true, sometimes it is. I know I never really liked A Static Lullaby, but after seeing them live this past Tuesday at the Taste Of Chaos tour I knew I should give their new album, Faso Latido, a chance. So I did, and I was presently surprised.

There is a definite change in the band’s sound since their debut Ferret Music release And Don’t Forget To Breathe…, and in my opinion, the change is for the better. Its still distinctivelyA Static Lullaby, but they did what Alexisonfire did between their self-titled release and Watch Out! and toned down the screaming a bit. In fact, they toned it down a lot.

They actually use their backup singers to their full potential here and even let them lead a few of the songs over Joe’s unpredictable screams without losing any of their intensity that they had before. The two sets of vocals mix perfectly creating a very smooth transition and harmonious sound. It makes it so that not every song sounds the same anymore and gives them the freedom to interchange singers from time to time to use the right sound at that certain time without sounding out of place.

Now I still don’t fully appreciate A Static Lullaby‘s music, but I do like it a lot more then before. Maybe it was seeing them perform the new songs live, or just the fact that they got rid of some of the obnoxious screams that bogged down their first release; whatever it was, Faso Latido is a surprisingly enjoyable album. Although, if you were a huge fan of the screams before, you may be taken aback with this new sound.