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Chin Up, Kid

Chin Up, Kid - Standby Records

Chin Up, Kid have now been around for five years, their latest self titled release signifies a departure from the style of their debut release, Swing With Your Eyes Closed, that trod the well worn pop punk path, and the result was an enjoyable, but somewhat predictable debut. Now with new vocalist Josh Cox fronting the band Chin Up, Kid are moving forward and their new album is set to be released via Standby Records on the 22nd June.

What immediately strikes you is that Chin Up, Kid have a more striking and hard hitting sound than their debut release, but it’s one that still remains true to their pop punk roots. The opening track, Corners, is lyrically and musically much heavier than their previous material and this a theme that applies to much of their sophomore release. There are softer moments, the tracks III.III.MMXIII and Nothing Left To Lose border on being pure pop and they sits somewhat incongruously in the middle of an album of polished heavyweight pop punk.

Chin Up, Kid have undoubtedly moved forward, their latest self titled release offers a much heavier sound that is less derivative of the pop punk bands that came before them, but at the same time it’s one that is still pop punk at it’s core, but thankfully Chin Up, Kid are no linger mired in the pop punk sound of the late nineties. Chin Up, Kid‘s sophomore release does feel overproduced, but for this kind of anthemic polished pop punk you wouldn’t really expect anything else, the emphasis leans heavily towards the pop side of their sound and as a result this is far from being to my taste, but I can’t help feeling that Chin Up, Kid are a band you’ll be hearing a lot more of.

You can pre-order Chin Up, Kid‘s self titled album via Standby Records here

Chin Up, Kid‘s website can be found here