Album Review: Chin Up, Kid – Swing With Your Eyes Closed

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Chin Up, Kid

Swing With Your Eyes Closed - Standby Records

Chin Up, Kid have been with us since 2013, since their formation they have built a steady following through relentless touring on the local circuit, including playing the Vans Warped Tour in 2015, now Chin Up, Kid have released their debut full length, Swing With Your Eyes Closed, the album follows on from a series of self released EP’s, including 2016’s The Way You Live Is Common. Swing With Your Eyes Closed is released today, April the 28th 2017, via Standby Records and will be followed by a headlining tour with Victorian Halls.

Sometimes you get an album where you know exactly what you’re in for, from the band’s optimistic moniker and album title, to the cartoon artwork on the cover, this is an album that just screams pop punk at you and before you’ve even dropped the needle you have a good idea of what you’re in for. Sometimes expectations can be confounded, but that is not the case here as Swing With Your Eyes Closed is an unapologetically pop punk album from start to finish. Chin Up, Kid channel pop punk’s halcyon days, everything from the opening chords of Overview onwards feels like something of a throwback, and as a result the whole affair feels strangely familiar.

If you love the likes of Blink-182, Good Charlotte and New Found Glory, especially their releases from when pop punk was at the peak of it’s popularity, then Chin Up, Kid will be a band you need to acquaint yourself with. For me Swing With Your Eyes Closed seems to lack a touch of the exuberance, enthusiasm and sense of fun that was a calling card of the best of the pop punk bands, but having said that Chin Up, Kid are a solid, if not somewhat unsurprising, addition to the pop punk stable.

Swing With Your Eyes Closed can be ordered here via Standby Records

Chin Up, Kid‘s Facebook presence can be found here