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Fabienne Delsol

Four - Damaged Goods Records

Fabienne Delsol originally moved to UK back in 1996, immediately immersing herself in the UK’s music scene she swiftly joined The Bristols and recorded her first single “Questions I Can’t Answer“, the single was recorded at Toerag Studios and released via Damaged Goods Records, two associations that that have stayed with her throughout her career. When The Bristols eventually came to an end Fabienne turned solo, releasing a series of albums and singles, now we find ourselves on the eve of her fourth studio album, the somewhat unimaginatively named “Four” that will be released on the 11th October via her long term home of Damaged Goods Records. Fabienne’s new album has been in the making for the last twelve months at her second home of Toerag Studios, taking the helm of her latest release alongside long term Toerag engineer and producer Luke Oldfield she has produced another full length that is uniquely Fabienne Delsol and carries the Damaged Goods Records imprint through it grooves and bytes.

The opening track “See How They Run” could have been lifted directly from a Pebbles compilation, this is authentic sixties garage, a theme that runs throughout the whole of “Four“, everything about the album drags you down a wormhole that takes you directly back to the late sixties. Some things don’t change as there are a few well chosen covers thrown into the mix, these are a varied and unexpected selection from garage rockers The Human Beinz through to Francoise Hardy and Lyme And Cybelle, and even Status Quo are thrown into the mix, but the originals are twisted into Fabienne’s own unique style. “Four” is much closer to the pop and the lighter end of psychedelia from the sixties rather than snarling garage punk that populate many Damaged Goods Records, but for those who want to tune in, turn on and drop out then this is an authentic sounding and uncannily accurate album that recreates the atmosphere and soundtrack of that era.

Four can be pre-ordered via Damaged Goods Records on CD and vinyl here

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