Album Review: Hembree And The Satan Sisters – F.Y.F.

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Hembree And The Satan Sisters

F.Y.F. - Rusty Knuckles Music

Hembree & The Satan Sisters are an amalgamation of elements of the GA underground, founder member Zachery M. Hembree (Toro) recruited Ash Mitilades (Guff), Charley Ferlito (Guff / Burns Like Fire) and Parker Bradshaw (Burns Like Fire) to his unrepentant cause. Over the last eighteen months the foursome have developed a band of cult like devotees in their home state, now with their live reputation firmly established the quartet are now looking to spread chaos beyond the Georgia state line when they release their debut album “F.Y.F.” on September 20th via Rusty Knuckles Music.

What you get on “F.Y.F.” is seven songs packed in between the brief spoken word intro “The Long Haired Weirdo Speaks” and the even briefer outro of “The Long Haired Weirdo Speaks Again“. Hembree And The Satan Sisters set their stall out on the album’s first proper track “Fuck Your Religion And Fuck Your Politics“, this is not sensitive or socially aware modern punk, this is raw primitive confrontational punk rock from the bastard sons of GG Allin and the early recordings by the Dwarves. This is a band that doesn’t give a fuck what you think, the song titles bear out the band’s fuck you mission statement “Say It To My Face“, “Nothing To Prove“, “Rape This Land” and “Dancing’ At Your Suicide” are all raw screaming scum punk and you get the impression Hembree And The Satan Sisters are proud of it.

Whether Hembree And The Satan Sisters is to your taste will depend on your sensitivities, there are certainly moments on this sub twenty minute album that stand out but the relentless nature of the album will not be to everyone’s taste. For those who want a short sharp dirty and at times downright nasty hit of scum punk that borders on hardcore and veers into primitive metal, then this will be for you. Despite all of Hembree And The Satan Sisters efforts to offend everyone there is an something about them that keeps you coming back, whether this is because they are genuinely menacing or there’s a touch of theatricality to their posturing is down to your own interpretation.

F.Y.F.” can be pre-ordered on vinyl via Rusty Knuckles Music here