Album Review: Jon Spencer – Spencer Sings The Hits

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Jon Spencer

Spencer Sings The Hits - In The Red Records

Does Jon Spencer really need an introduction? the inclusion of a track by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion guaranteed exposure to those who weren’t familiar him though his best known outfit, or hadn’t encountered him with Boss Hog, Heavy Trash, The Honeymoon Killers or Pussy Galore. Jon Spencer is now set to release his first solo full length, Spencer Sings The Hits, which raises another rhetorical question, is anyone even remotely surprised that there isn’t what could be considered a mainstream hit anywhere on Spencer Sings The Hits

Do The Trash Can sets the tone with the fuzziest riff emitted since The Cramps passed into history, to say this is primitive is an understatement, a stamping garage riff with hammerlock drums that has Jon Spencer‘s signature scrawled over it. The majority of Spencer Sings The Hits is somewhat unsurprisingly a mix of fuzzy blues influenced dementia and garage psychosis, the only departure, and about the most commercial offering on here, is the lead single, I Got The Hits, although defining this as mainstream would take a radical shift in public perception.

Jon Spencer has delivered an album that slots into his back catalogue perfectly, this sounds like the album Jon Spencer wanted to make with absolutely no filter or compromise, from the garage pop of I Got The Hits, through the Link Wray and Cramps influenced mutant rock and roll through fuzzed out blues and on into strange and uncharted territories. Jon Spencer is the living embodiment of a rock ‘n roll maverick and his latest album is testimony to that, this is not predictable good time rock ‘n roll, it has the same spirit but it’s through the looking glass where everything is twisted and strange, and that is exactly how things should be.

You can pre-order Spencer Sings The Hits here