Album Review: La Armada – Anti-Colonial Vol. 1

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La Armada

Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 - Creep Records

Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 is the latest album by the Chicago based hardcore band La Armada who originated in the Dominican Republic, the result of their origins sees the band utilize elements of hardcore punk and combine them with Caribbean rhythms of their home turf, something that makes them a unique outfit in the hardcore scene. The result is eleven tracks that form a crossover between the hardcore punk they grew up with and the lively grooves commonly heard in Latin percussion, something that you don’t hear everyday in the punk and hardcore scene. Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 is now available digitally and the vinyl and CD are set to be released on the 20th April, just in time for Record Store Day

Planned Obsolescence makes for a brief impressive introduction to what is a album of full blooded hardcore and crossover, with the sole exception of the sample heavy instrumental A Vision Of Opportunity this is an album that represents an unrelenting aural battery. The other factor that is an ever present throughout Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 is the political standpoint that address the issues around colonisation and the socio economic divide and class struggles that permeate their adopted home.

Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 is an album of hardcore from a region not commonly associated with the punk scene, or at least not one I’ve encountered a release from before, and as I’ve observed before it’s always good to see that our beloved scene seems to have permeated most of the world since the first bands appeared in the US and UK over four decades ago. La Armada deliver a brutal politically charged album that doesn’t always do things by the book, as they add a Caribbean twist to a hardcore soundtrack.

You can pre-order Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 on vinyl and CD here

Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here