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Not The Shakers - A Jam Records

The Shakers formed back in ’94, they have left a steady stream of full length’s and EP’s in their wake over the last two decades with their current line up, that has been together for the last seven years, being the most productive to date. It is this line up that has brought us their latest full length, Not The Shakers, that is now available for streaming and download via A Jam Records with a vinyl release set to follow later this year.

The opening track, 16 Tons, hits you like a truck with just under three minutes of raw punk rock, Not The Shakers has a live feel that captures their intensity perfectly, for the most part this is raw punk rock but tracks like Desper-ado and No Fucks border on hardcore, whilst Pompano Beach is an unexpected and welcome tribute to the Ramones, they just changed the beach. Not The Shakers concludes with Assholes In My Way, a song that is the perfect anthem for anyone who regularly has to deal with queues and traffic jams, this is my favourite moment from what has been a more than welcome half hour of raw punk rock.

Not The Shakers is eleven tracks, or twelve if you count the bonus hidden song, that will delight fans of The Methadones, Off With Their Heads and Teenage Bottlerocket, it’s not often I hear an album that sounds completely untouched, whether this is by accident or design the Shakers latest release sounds as if you’re sat right in a rehearsal room with them, and I mean that in a good way. Not The Shakers is the perfect antidote to modern life, put in it on and play it loud and everything seems a little bit better.

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