Album Review: The Bastards – Straight Outta Yorkshire

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The Bastards

Straight Outta Yorkshire - Lil Bastard Records

The Bastards are an old school punk rock group, that somewhat unsurprisingly given the album title, were formed in Yorkshire back in 1983 but unexpectedly transplanted themselves to Los Angeles in 1990. Straight Outta Yorkshire follows on from their 2004 full length, Old, Fat And Sweaty, which was a primitive throwback to the origins of the oi scene and the second wave of punk, but their latest release, with the assistance of Bad Religion‘s Greg Heston and Pennywise producer Ian Petersen, is a very different beast.

Straight Outta Yorkshire was self released in 2017, now almost 30 years since they first arrived in Los Angeles the band has developed a cult following and enjoying something of a renaissance. This is the album that their previous releases hinted that they could make, it’s sharper and more focused than it’s predecessor, but importantly The Bastards have managed to retain their authentic old school punk rock and oi sound. Whilst Straight Outta Yorkshire is something of a blast from the past there are some memorable moments with Madhouse, British Punks and Scream!!, the latter two featuring Greg Hetson on lead guitar, being my personal highlights to come Straight Outta Yorkshire, albeit via Los Angeles.

The Bastards are back to stay, after thirty five years they are at their best and have hinted that a follow up to Straight Outta Yorkshire is in the pipeline, and on the basis of this album it will be something to look forward to, although there may be a bit of a wait as it won’t surface until next year, but until them Straight Outta Yorkshire is well worth revisiting if you’re a fan of second wave UK punk such as UK Subs, The Professionals and Anti-Nowhere League or current acts such as Hung Like Hanratty and Dirt Box Disco.

Straight Outta Yorkshire is available to download via CDBaby here

The Bastards Facebook page can be found here