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Big O

Nothing Is The Same - Self Released

Big O is an Idaho based hip hop artist, and I presume not the artist of the same name who contributed to The Return Of The Living Dead II soundtrack, but this is not you’re run of the mill hip hop release. Nothing Is The Same is recorded with live drums and bass, the live bass that is predominant in the mix particularly adds an extra dimension and depth that I often find missing from releases of this nature. The lyrical content of the EP reflects Big O‘s personal experiences and incorporates the varied influences he has experimented with over the years.

The opening track It’s Music has a hard hitting bass line and drum beat that immediately pulled me into the EP, there’s a feel about this release that is reminiscent of the early Beastie Boys. Not that Nothing Is The Same is derivative of that band, but the delivery of this EP reminds me of the attitude that they possessed when they first started out. The similarities don’t end there, like the Beastie Boys Big O originally had his roots in the punk scene and that really comes across in this release.

Each of the tracks on Nothing Is The Same have a different quality, but all retain that fusion of hip hop beats and punk attitude, the lyrical content avoids the generic subjects of violence or wealth and the lyrical content remains positive and life affirming. This is a different take on hip hop, the addition of the live band and the incorporation of punk attitude means I found Nothing Is The Same to be something I think would be worth investigating if you have any love for hip hop, but want something different that has a positive and progressive approach and attitude.

Nothing Is the Same is available on almost every major distribution and streaming service or can be ordered here