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Shout The Truth - Science Records

UK Christian hardcore group Confide seem to have somewhat of an identity issue going on.  A bunch of good Christian boys wearing women’s fashion (read: low, LOW spanning V-necks) and sporting some of the most luscious heads of hair outside of glamour magazines and 80’s metal.  It’s a common trend that has gotten out of control, but I hadn’t realized it had penetrated the circle of Christian hardcore – for obvious reasons.

Personal fascination aside, Confide is a remarkably solid hardcore act, and their latest full length, Shout The Truth, overcomes their questionable wardrobe choices.  Specifically, vocalist Ross Michael Kenyon helps set Confide apart from the bulk of generic hardcore dominating the scene.  Kenyon can scream up a pretty emotional storm – somewhere between those of La Dispute’s emotional explosion and typical raw hardcore bellows.  The lyrics are always comprehensible and match Kenyon’s apparent struggle.  The lyrics reveal Confide as a very bleak Christian band.  Tracks like the opener, “Milestone,” find a guilt ridden Kenyon screaming “will you still love me when, I am selfish and, I never seem to show you my face,” which continues into a commentary on grappling with how modern society contrasts heavily with prescribed doctrine.

I never would have thought that Christian hardcore could work so successfully (the fusion of lyrics and style), but the level of emotion in these songs beautifully matches their content.

Musically, Confide is also a talented group.  They demonstrate a variety of different techniques and tempo changes within songs and throughout the album.  Tracks like “City To City” contain crushing breakdowns accompanied by jarring chord choices, and Joel Piper’s periodically surfacing clean backing vocals.  The combination is refreshingly unformulaic, and feels like much more than two vocalists simply sharing vocal duties – as seen in bands like It Dies Today.

There’s no questioning that Confide is a flagship Christian hardcore act. For obvious reasons their “Christian” label, and the explicit nature of their lyrics, will determine who will pursue Confide.  But even so, anyone else tired of the legions of stale hardcore acts out there should appreciate Shout The Truth.