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From The Attic - Columbia Records

Their debut release on a major label, Damone have produced 11 power-pop-punk songs for you to enjoy. The sound is something you don’t hear everyday. Heavy drum beats, fast paced guitar riffs, catchy bass tunes along with poppy vocals by the female vocalist, Noelle, creates one catchy-ass sound! Something very different from what you normally hear. Lyrically, they are very very catchy and interesting. It is good to hear a girl complain about boys rather then the other way around for once. Songs about rebelling and others about female empowerment. They are all powerful and incredibly well done, which creates an amazing sound which they maintain the full album.

The opening two tracks were the first two I heard before I got the CD and have maintained to be some of my favorites on the album. Frustrated unnoticed opens the album up with a heavy drum beat with vocals on overtop. Once the verse ends more instruments enter the scene for the chorus. The chorus itself is catchy and very powerful, it reminds of that Gatorade advert, “anything you can do I can do better“. You know the one I’m talking about. It is a very good opening track which then enters into Your Girlfriends. This starts off with a harder beat, then it all goes quiet for the vocals to come in. Noelle’s vocals are once again strong and catchy, although are overpowered a bit by the rhythm. Two amazing tracks to get this album started.

Up To You comes next, and it is a much slower song then the others, but still keeping a nice pace for you. The vocals are the most evident, and much smoother then the other tracks. The guitar work is amazing, especially the 20 second bass solo which starts around 2:30 in. It is spectacular. Track 6, On My Mind is another song which I really enjoy. It starts off which a steady guitar riff with the vocals on top of it constantly. Lyrically, this song is incredibly catchy and interesting. About a boy constantly being on Noelle’s mind. Once again the guitar work is impeccable. Truly amazing work. I believe that this song is a perfect choice to place in the middle, because it keeps your interest and makes you want to listen to more.

At The Mall, track 9 is one of my favorites. It has a much more of a punk rock feel to it. The lyrics are very catchy and very very simple. This time Noelle supplies back up vocals as David (I think it’s him, not 100% sure) sings lead. The final song, Leave Me Alone is a perfect song to end the album off with. A slower song to slow the pace down a lot. The vocals are a lot softer, really, the whole song is. A more peaceful tune.