EP Review: Camp Trash – Downtiming

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Camp Trash

Downtiming - Count Your Lucky Stars Records

Camp Trash are set to reveal their debut four track EP “Downtiming” via Count Your Lucky Stars Records in just a few days time. Prior to the release of the first tracks from “DowntimingCamp Trash had developed something of a buzz around the release of their debut EP, and as rare as it is, this is a debut that lives up to the hype it’s generated with a blissful twelve minutes of indie tinged emo, or is that the other way round.
If you crossed The Byrds with Weezer then you would pretty much have the essence of the opening track ‘Bobby‘, there is a distinct indie feel, but there’s also an undercurrent of laid back energy that propels the track along. This is something that seeps into the summery ‘Sleepyhead‘, a track that breezes along before slipping into the mellow acoustic ‘Potomino‘, but despite the lack of velocity and volume this track continues to hook you into “Downtiming“. The EP closes out with the lead single ‘Weird Carolina‘, a track that embodies everything about the beguiling charm that Camp Trash exhibit on their debut EP.
Listen to Camp Trash‘s debut enough times, and I’ve spun this a few times, and you can pick up hints of everyone from Red Kross and Sugar to Blink-182 and The Get Up Kids. There’s an undeniable hook to the band’s songwriting that just gently takes you by the hand and pulls you into the EP, before it wraps you in a soothing embrace that makes everything seem all right, and after ten months of staying in all the time that is pretty much what we all need right now.
You can pre-order “Downtiming” on 7″ vinyl, on your choice of either ‘black’ or ‘baby pink and aqua blue splatter’ variants, and digital download via Count Your Lucky Stars Records here