EP Review: Lee Resistant And The Lost – Thirteen Years Gone By…

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Lee Resistant And The Lost

Thirteen Years Gone By... - Self Released

I first encountered Lee Resistant back in 2017 when he released his solo EP, Your Country, now he’s back with a new band and a brand new EP, Thirteen Years Gone By…, that follows on from his first EP with The Lost, 42/43, that was released in 2018. Lee Resistant has been revisiting his back catalogue with his new band and the reason for this EP’s existence is quite simple, Lee Resistant And The Lost have enjoyed giving these songs their long overdue exposure live and they’ve gone into the studio to record four of the tracks that have been resurrected on the road.

Lee Resistant And The Lost launch you into Thirteen Years Gone By… with the driven punk anthem Least Resistant, this is swiftly followed up by the rapid fire melodic punk attack of For The Few and Wishlist. The best has been saved for last, the anthemic Where Would You Run? closes the EP with the finest two minutes and thirty seconds I’ve heard this year. There are shades of Troublegum era Therapy? and early 3 Colours Red if you want comparisons, but what Thirteen Years Gone By… is is an EP of punk rock perfection, the song writing that was evident on his solo releases is now backed by a faultless energised band

Like many of punks mainstays who I’ve encountered delivering their material acoustically, both live and in the studio, it’s when you hear those songs backed by a full band that they truly come to life, Thirteen Years Gone By… is a stunning EP of defiant punk anthems, the fact that Lee Resistant is enjoying resurrecting his extensive back catalogue really comes across, there’s an energy and joy in the recordings that is positively infectious, I can’t fault Lee Resistant‘s latest EP on any level and it appears that the formation of Lee Resistant And The Lost has truly brought his material to life.

Thirteen Years Gone By… can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here