EP Review: Muck And The Mires – Take Me Back To Planet Earth

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Muck And The Mires

Take Me Back To Planet Earth - Rum Bar Records

Boston’s Muck And The Mires are set to release the “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” EP on the 25th September via Rum Bar Records, the title of their new EP is one we can all relate to given that 2020 feels not so much like a bad year, as that we seem to have shifted into a dimension where everything is wrong and pretty much the opposite of how we’d like things to be. The title also reflects that “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” was composed, recorded and released whilst the band has been off the road and self isolating, if you wanted to take some kind of positive from 2020 then you could look at the impressive number of quarantine and lockdown recordings produced since everything went south, something that indicates that you can’t keep a good band down.

The “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” EP launches with the title track, a song that takes it’s cue from The Sonics garage rock and laments the loss of pretty much everything. Muck And The Mires continue to take you back in time with ‘Six O’Clock Baby‘ and ‘Hey Sunshine‘, both of which have the feel and off key guitar breaks of The Beatles during their Hamburg era, whilst ‘He’s Not The One‘ is a blast of pure power pop, something that is a heavy influence on Muck And The Mires. Ever since The Nerves recorded ‘Hanging On The Telephone‘ back in 1976 power pop bands seem to have been fixated on communication, and “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” is no exception, although the topic is suitably updated with ‘She Blocked My Number‘ and ‘Zoom Breakup‘ dragging the subject into the modern age, at least lyrically if not sonically.

Muck And The Mires mine garage punk, sixties pop and power pop to impressive effect, the end result is that “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” does sound authentically like it was recorded and released somewhere in the mists of time. If you are a lover of straight up melodic garage power pop punk then the Take Me Back To Planet Earth” EP is one you need in your life, it might sound like it’s arrived in 2020 via a time warp but this isn’t a bad thing, and if you offered me the chance to head back and return to some form of normality then I’d take it. Muck And The Mires brand of garage infused power pop will always be at it’s best when it’s experienced revved up in sweaty venues with sweat dripping off the roof, but whilst we’re waiting for the venues to reopen their doors this is as close as you’re going to get.

Take Me Back To Planet Earth” can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here