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The Glass Phantoms

I Am The Dark - Self Released

Glass Phantoms are a quartet from the picturesque area of the Lake District in the UK. They are part of the burgeoning resurgence that blues is experiencing, but they play it with their own dark, fuzzy and smoky twist. I Am The Dark is their debut single, this is a very impressive slice of distorted noisy blues, but there’s much to it than that. The shadowy guitar riff imbues a sinister and distorted quality, the crashing drums keep the near six minute number driving along like a speed addled truck driver and the vocals are delivered with a rasping and twisted style that suits the material perfectly.

This isn’t just blues with the volume turned up, the sinister undercurrent hints at an influence from the darker side of late sixties rock, there are touches of eighties and nineties alternative, I can particularly pick up an influence from Nick Oliveri era Queens Of The Stone Age, and it’s all delivered with a sneering punk attitude. For a song of this calibre to be the first thing you record is a rare occurrence, I have been playing I Am The Dark on repeat since I opened the file, and it’s going to be living on my playlist from this point forward. If Glass Phantoms can keep the momentum going from this impressive debut then they will be a band to be watched very closely.

You can purchase I Am The Dark directly from the Glass Phantoms here

Glass Phantoms are playing live on the following dates

11th August – Kendal Bootleggers (with The Kut)

24th August – Manchester Night And Day Café

24th September – Carlisle Milecastle 66 Festival