Gypsy Pistoleros – Duende A Go Go Loco!

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Gypsy Pistoleros

Gypsy Pistoleros

Duende A Go Go Loco! - Earache Records

So who out there likes there Punk to be just a little off the beaten track, even above, below or sometimes nowhere near it?, well then I have here a band that will/might interest you, in fact you may even be just as confused as I was at what this band actually are all about, is it Flamenco, is it Rock, is it Glam, is it Punk, is it even a little Metal, but to take from there very own promo, what we have here is “The worlds greatest Flamenco Punk Glam Rock band ever!”, Or is that the only?.

From the last count this will be album number four and by all accounts its the best yet (how many times have we heard this before?) and a full amalgamation of all that came before, well lets hit play and see if this is all huff without the puff or the smoke without the fire shall we.

If my old ears are to be fully believed, the initial and Title track ‘Duende A Go Go Loco’ no not an Elf a go go, this is the Flamenco a go go, a presence on stage that engulfs and consumes all around it, and I have to say, the sound does do exactly this, this is a huge start, stadium rock with a kind of weird Enrique Iglesias meets Axl Rose feel, but a powerhouse of a song all the same. This is followed up by a guitar led, yet similar song, a little less of the Spanish musically, but with the lingo thrown in for good measure, another stonker of an arena song.

It’s only when you get to ‘Revolution’ do we really start to inch slowly into the cosmos of sound and style that this album covers, a punk theme with all the hallmarks of a rockified anti facist hardcore screamer yet with a melody. 

And now we really head off into an interstellar musical glam fest, ‘What’s It Like To Be A Girl’ has T-Rex written all over it, a 70’s glam banger dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, ‘The Ballad Of Tommy Shelby’ has more doo wops than Showaddywaddy or Grease put together and not to mention the Mud esque intro. But then hang on, wait a minute, what where the hell are we going now, ‘Thrill Kill Killer Club’, what the fuck are you doing to my senses GP a punk hardcore sound with some Nancy Sinatra accents, and then we hit the Billy Idol sounding ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ you could so be forgiven for thinking this was Dancing With Myself when it kicks in, but love the rhythm and vocal harmonies here! Just for good measure, the ending is just as left field, ‘Come On Eileen’ hits the stage, this is as “Duende” as it gets, a fully reworked and powerful rendition of a classic song, to the point that I had no strange urge to do the dance (a good thing).

As you might have noticed, this band/album has so many shout outs to the past its ridiculous, but what it also has is a presence that is all of its own, a show that gives and gives, I have to admit, this will be a band that are now on my list of “must to see live”.  If you want something that’s entertaining, and yet madness personified, Duende A Go Go Loco is for you. 

Out Now via Earache Records

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