Heroes, Love, Revenge – Self titled

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Heroes, Love, Revenge

Self Titled - Bermuda Mohawk Records

As soon as I saw Heroes, Love, Revenge on Myspace, I was intrigued and knew they needed to find themselves among the local spotlight – because quite frankly, they deserved it. Not only did they promote themselves in perfect symmetry alongside an intriguing introduction which will garner attention from any passerby, but the first song, Oleander blaring through the Myspace player just catches the listener off guard. Tight, angry, melodic hardcore with dueling vocals, intertwined riffs and an instantly catchy chorus seemed jump out of the speakers, making you double check that this is indeed a local band rather than a already establish group. Once I confirmed that little notion, I knew I needed to hear more, and when I got their Self-Titled EP, I was faced with a concoction of emotions.

Now, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed by the nine song EP, because I wasn’t – it just didn’t live up to all my expectations that I had after hearing Oleander. For you see, while there may not be anything specifically wrong with any of the songs on here, there’s nothing that really makes them stand out in the crowd either, and sometimes that can be the biggest fault of all. All the songs tend to flow into one another, with each song only making themselves heard over the hum of everyday activity for a few fleeting moments each track. There’s not enough of a hook to keep you fully entertained for the whole EP.

Oddly enough, it is Dustin Farnsworth’s vocals which wear thin first, even though they are the first thing to really attract your attention and captivate you at the very beginning. At first, Farnsworth’s vocals sound great, a nice mix of A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere, mellowed down a bit with a few screams through in during the odd breakdown – but as the album progresses, they slowly start to nag at the back of your skin. They aren’t high enough in the mix, and it’s only in the sing along sections that they keep their initial power.

Heroes, Love, Revenge have created a created a solid debut. While it may not be the most captivating at times, it is still entertaining and I’m sure they’d be a great band to see live. Very tight, some spectacular riffs, and a nice sense of intensity. But for them to really break out of just the local scene, they need to find a way to distinguish the songs from one another, and then they’ll be set to move to the next level.