Jersey – Generation Genocide

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Generation Genocide - Virgin Records / Stay Gold Records

The name “Jersey” may not ring a bell with you right away. New Jersey? Nah. It’s the four punk rockers from Burlington, Ontario is what I’m talking about. Remember their smash hit Generation Genocide? The song that took the country by storm a couple months back? Well this is that album, their third one and first on a major label.

Fourteen tracks of oi/street punk for your listening pleasure. Fans of Rancid will definitely fall in love with these young Canadians as lead vocalist Greg Taylor bears a striking resemblance to that of Tim Armstrong from Rancid. The same harsh, scratchy, well-worn, punk rock voice that Rancid fans are accustomed to gives you a safe escape from the pop-punk of MTV. The songs cover a wide selection of subjects such as death, self-destruction, partying, armed robbery and just stories of life and all the trials and tribulations that comes with it. Each song has a certain punk-rock flare. The Tim Armstong-esque vocals with backup vocals at the exact right moments all supported by catchy harmonies which slow down and speed up with perfect accuracy and timing; making each song complete.

My advice to you regarding Generation Genocide is quite simple. Head down to and check out the media player. Listen to some of the songs, start singing along (you know you will) and if you like it, go down to your local record store and support these guys by buying a great street-punk album.