Jumpercable – EP

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EP - Monkey Wrench Records

For such a short album, Jumpercable comes out kicking with nine tracks of fast and furious hardcore that will get your pulse pounding. Relatively fresh on the scene, this New Jersey group brings burgeoning musical aptitude together with raw, yet heartfelt posi-core for what promises to be the first of many solid albums. Obviously influenced by bands like Black Flag and Carry On, “EP” still feels original enough to thrill even the most stalwart Youth Crew enthusiast.

Despite the short lengths of the tracks (the longest is “No Headlights” at just above a minute fifty), for an introduction album Jumpercable has certainly covered an impressive canon of songs. “EP” would, however, benefit from some longer tracks that would showcase more of the individual techniques of the band members. The intro and outro, though brief in their glory, are at the very least a skillful throwback to some familiar metal riffs, and caused me to believe that the band was holding back a bit. Knowing full well that EPs are meant to be a taste of what’s to come, it’s hard for me to state that my main criticism was that I wanted to hear more—if that is, indeed, a criticism.

Having a soft-spot for bumping bass-heavy tunes definitely upped the ante for these kids with “No Headlights” and “A Week In Jonestown” which feature some great opening bass lines reminiscent of early punk and hardcore. Other standouts were upbeat lead-in song “Hay Lame-O, Get Out Of My Yard” and the short and sweet “Real Problems”—two tracks that cement Jumpercable’s position in my growing collection of hardcore.